PUBG patch 5.2 adds new Spike Trap and wayfinding features by trendwa

PUBG’s latest patch is a sizable one: it introduces the Spike Trap, remodels Vikendi, and adds the new Way Point feature, along with a host of other changes.

So, the Spike Trap is a new item that is available in all maps right now. The player will throw the Spike Trap to lay it out and it will puncture the tires of any vehicle that crosses it. Be aware, it won’t damage the vehicle health and will be consumed with one use, but it will rain on the opposition’s parade quite satisfactorily. The Spike Trap will also shake up the bridge camp technique and let players cut to the chase, literally.

PUBG Corporation has also revealed PUBG Labs. This is an upcoming feature which will involve the collaboration of players and community managers on “new game modes, rule sets, features and so much more.” The first of these experiments is the Skill Based Rating mechanism which will be activated from November 26 for PC and console players alike. Skill Based Rating is different to the Survival Title System and will observe players’ actions in matches to give them a class. PUBG Labs will be found in the Play menu, and players will have the opportunity to submit feedback during and up to one week after the Skill Based Rating experiment.

Vikendi looks like a whole new world with patch 5.2. Well, almost. The developer heard that the community likes to play the long game, and overhauled the map to make it conducive for snipers. There are new roads and more vehicle spawns for greater accessibility, and terrain height varies sharply to create new hidey holes and vantage points. Volnova had a makeover, Peshkova enjoyed increased item spawns, and Mount Kreznic slimmed down in the new update.

And finally, players will look forward to new coordination options with the Way Point feature. Up to four points will be placed per group and there is a setting to hide Way Points given by teammates. All of these changes and more are available on PC, and you can read the patch notes in their entirety here.

PUBG patch 5.2 is live on PC and will be coming to consoles next week. PUBG is out now for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and mobile platforms.

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